Children’s Golf Coaching

In partnership with the Junior Golf Alliance, Promote Training are proud to offer six module-level courses that explore the skills and techniques golf coaches need to teach the sport to children. Written in partnership with experience junior coaches alongside child educational experts, the courses remain the only educational offering that tackle to subject from the perspective of the child – how they learn, absorb information and engage in the subject.

Coaching Golf to Children

The Coaching Golf to Children elearning course is a broad introduction to coaching golf to children.

Children & Parents

This course is about our clients – children and parents – and what they want and need from golf coaching sessions.

Golf Skills & Techniques

This course explores children’s learning of golf skills and techniques.

Running Golf Coaching Sessions

This course looks at the practicalities of setting up and running golf coaching sessions for children.

Keeping Children Safe & Managing Behaviour

One of a coach’s main responsibilities is to keep each child safe.

Recruit, Retain, Grow

There is a huge education market for children and young people in the UK and throughout the developed world. This means that there is the potential for golf coaches to earn good money from coaching children and young people.