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Bespoke eLearning Induction Courses by Promote Training

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Bespoke eLearning Induction Courses by Promote Training

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Promote Training, the first dedicated eLearning provider to the UK golf industry, have launched their bespoke elearning induction course service.

The new service includes the creation of induction-training courses tailored specifically to the club. New employees then undertake the training online, either before they start work or in the first few days of their employment.

Induction, or orientation, training is something that many clubs and businesses appreciate the importance of, yet often don’t pay it the necessary attention. It’s something Matthew Orwin, co-founder of Promote Training, speaks passionately about:

Induction training is one of the first impressions a new employee gets of the club – it’s so important to make it a positive and professional one. eLearning really fits well with this type of training. It removes the time-pressure on managers, conveys a consistent message to all new employees and can be done even before the new employee starts work.

One of the main benefits is that of employee retention and the subsequent saving on recruitment costs. Hay Group, the management consultancy company, predicts that staff turnover will increase from its current level of 14.6% to 18% over the next five years.

Each eLearning course covers a multitude of important subject matter for the new employee, split into 5 short sections:

Welcome & Introduction

A welcome to the club and an introduction to key personnel.

The Essentials

Everything an employee needs to know including uniform policy, where to park their car, smoking policy, where to eat lunch etc.

Getting Paid!

When and how they get paid, timesheets and/or clocking machines, pension entitlements etc.

Heath, Safety & Legalities

The fire evacuation plan, accident reporting, first aid, grievance and disciplinary procedures etc.

Staff Welfare

Staff social events, appraisals, awards & incentives, training & development opportunities etc.

The content uses simple language, pictures and graphics to keep it fun and engaging for the employee. There is also the opportunity to introduce video content along with quizzes as evidence of understanding. At the end of the course, Promote Training provides a report to the club that shows the employees progression through the training.

For more information, and to participate in a free eLearning demonstration, click here.


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