GDPR for Staff

Course Cost (exc.VAT):
– £90 (5 licenses)
– £150 (10 licenses)
– £220 (20 licenses)
– £320 (40 licenses)
Study Time: Approximately 20 minutes
Time Limit to Complete Course: 1-month
Unused License Expiry – 2-years

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Course Summary – “GDPR for Staff”:

Training your staff on the basics of GDPR and their roles and responsibilities to it is an essential ingredient in demonstrating compliance with the regulation.

This course does just that – it provides a broad overview for your staff, giving some helpful tips along the way, and shows the club’s diligence in implementing the necessary steps to adhere to the regulation.


– What is data protection all about?
– Why is it so relevant today?
– Why is GDPR important to you?

Some Definitions
– Data Subject
– Personal Data
– Special Categories of Personal Data
– Data Controller
– Data Processor

The Law – part 1
– The 6 General Principles of GDPR
– Lawful, Fair & Transparent
– Consent of the Data Subject
– Legitimate Interests

The Law – part 2
– Purpose Limitation
– Data Minimisation
– Accuracy
– Storage Limitation
– Integrity & Confidentiality

Individual Rights
– Data Subjects rights over their data
– New rights under GDPR

What Should You Do?
– Tips for you at work

Completing the Course:

Delegates must complete all units of the course and successfully complete the 4 multiple-choice quizzes.

Purchasing Licenses:

The course is purchased through acquiring licenses. Each license allows one delegate to undertake the course.