GDPR in Golf

Course Cost (exc.VAT):
– £49.50 each (single license)
– £39.50 each (2 to 24 licenses)
– £29.50 each (25+ licenses)
Study Time: Approximately 40 to 60 minutes
Time Limit to Complete Course: 1-month
Unused License Expiry – 2-years

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Course Summary – “GDPR in Golf”:

The Promote Training course, written by our partners at Databasix is an e-learning training programme for golf businesses that want/need to collect personal data and know that they’re compliant with the new GDPR regulations.

Unlike other online data protection training, Databasix applies the theory to a golf business and offers practical tips which are easily implemented into the club.


GDPR – The New Legislation
– Why is new legislation necessary?
– A history of data protection law
– The differences between the Data Protections Act and GDPR
– Importance of data protection to your club

The Legal Stuff
– Key definitions, including the Data Subject, Personal Data, Data Processing and the Data Controller
– Special categories of personal data

Welcome Your Guests
– What Would Our Customers Say?
– The 521 Cafe

Core Principles – part 1
– Lawful, Fair & Transparent
– Looking at the “Consent” processing condition
– Do you really need to re-confirm “Consent” from all your customers & prospects?
– Looking at the “Legitimate Interests” processing condition

Core Principles – part 2
– Purpose Limitation
– Data Minimisation
– Accuracy

Core Principles – part 3
– Storage Limitation
– Integrity & Confidentiality
– Accuracy

Individual Rights
– Individual Rights carried over from the Data Protections Act
– The right to be forgotten
– The right to data portability
– The right to object

Accountability & Record Keeping
– The Data Controller’s record keeping obligations
– The Data Processor’s record keeping obligations

In Practice
– Top Tips to comply beyond this course
– Understanding your data
– Protect your data
– Love your data!

Completing the Course:

Delegates must complete all units of the course and successfully complete the 4 quizzes.

Qualification Expiry:

The qualification expires 2 years from the date the delegate completes the end-of-course quiz.

Purchasing Licenses:

The course is purchased through acquiring licenses. Each license allows one delegate to undertake the course.

Looking to train your staff to demonstrate your compliance? Try our new “GDPR for Staff” course – click here.