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National Golf Month – Top Tip 1

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National Golf Month – Top Tip 1

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National Golf Month is just around the corner and represents a great opportunity to secure new business for clubs across the UK.

Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be giving some tips and advice on how to maximise the opportunity this great initiative presents.



So, you’re seeing some unfamiliar faces at the club – both people who play golf already and complete newcomers to the game.

DON’T LET THEM ESCAPE without getting contact information from them.

If you have no way of communicating with them after they’ve left, it will be a massive wasted opportunity because you’ll have no way of encouraging them back to the club in the future.

If you don’t already have any, create some contact information slips for people to complete.

– Name, telephone number and email addresses are essential.
– Email addresses are often long – give plenty of room for people to write
– Ask if they’re a member of another club. If they are, they’re a prime new member prospect.
– Add the line “Please use block capitals” – it will make them easier to read.
– Ask for their postcode. If they live far away you may not want to communication membership offers to them.
– Tell them you’re on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and give them a reason to connect with you – exclusive offers, prize draws etc.
– Make their completion compulsory. Incentivising people to give their details just gives them an option to not bother.

And don’t forget your opt-in or opt-out statement.

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