Guide to Distance Learning

Studying by distance learning takes self-discipline and determination but it can be a tremendously rewarding experience that enriches both the individual and their career.

Here’s our starters guide to self-study:

Give yourself some goals

Goal setting in self-study is vital and all our courses are divided into self-contained modules to help you establish your targets. Try to work through the modules at an even pace and avoid the temptation to rush ahead – you’ll probably miss some important content.

Create Your Learning Environment

We would always suggest creating a learning environment within home or workplace that is conducive to self-study – and then do all your learning from this location. Ensure everything is to hand, the lighting is good, the area is de-cluttered and the room is at a comfortable temperature.

Create a Study Timetable

It may sound a bit regimented but setting a timetable of study can really help you focus on your training. Think about what times are best for you and set them out in a weekly timetable – then stick to them. Remember to include adequate time for breaks, as this will help you stay focused.

Apply it to Practice

If you’re already working within the leisure industry and responsible for the courses subject matter within your business, start applying your newfound skills and knowledge straight away. It will really bring your studies to life.

Let People Know What You’re Doing

Tell your friends, family and work colleagues what you’re doing. Their support can be invaluable in helping you stick to your studies and achieve your goals.

Remember, You’re Not Alone

At the beginning of your educational experience you’ll be assigned a Course Tutor from Promote Training. If you ever get stuck, need some clarification or you’re feeling the motivation begin to wane, just get in touch with them. They’re not only experts in the subject matter you’re studying, they’ve also been students of distance learning course themselves.

Put the Champagne on Ice!

Okay, maybe not Champagne, but think about setting a reward for yourself on completion of the course. It’ll be an added motivation during your studies and great way of congratulating yourself when you’ve completed the course.