Induction Training

A proper employee induction establishes clear foundations and expectations between a club and it’s new starter. From company rules and procedures through to club etiquette and dress standards, employee inductions are arguably the most important training our staff can undertake.

However, we understand that within a club environment it’s often very difficult to find the time to plan a structured induction-training course, let alone dedicate the time on a one-to-one basis to implement it. This is where Promote Training’s bespoke service comes in.

We can take either your current induction training programme, or write one from scratch for you, and offer it to your new employees via our eLearning system. Your new starters can complete the course at work or at home, either prior to starting the job or during their first few weeks.

– Our courses can include self-assessment quizzes to validate the employees learning

– You can receive proof and confirmation that they’ve completed, and understood, all aspects of the training

– The content is engaging and personalised to your club – we can even include video!

– It gives a very professional first impression, aiding employee retention.

Take a look inside the eLearning environment and learn more about the benefits of online induction training. Complete the form below and we’ll email you login details to access our demonstration course.

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