Turf Master One

Turf Master One has the aim of offering a more personal service in both training and consultancy work, using their considerable knowledge and experience in managing multi-site golf courses. This can be tailored to meet individual requirements, whether it is in golf course management, problem solving on the golf course or providing training to help others achieve results.

They are passionate about the quality and maintenance of golf courses within the environment and have the vision to produce excellent course conditioning.

Turf Master One can offer:
• Golf course assessment & recommendations
• More effective & efficient course management
• Solving agronomic or other course related issues
• Work planning and budgeting
• Establishing systems and procedures
• Assisting with both Risk and Coshh Assessments
• Workshop style training
• Seminar presentations

Turf Master One will work with both management and maintenance teams to help maintain and improve golf courses by working within a sustainable environment to achieve both agronomical and financial objectives.