Bespoke Training

Great companies and businesses around the world dedicate significant time and resources to the training and development of their employees, resulting in increased loyalty and productivity.

Yet it is often extremely difficult for golf and leisure clubs to apply the same focus on employee training. For a start, there often aren’t the resources, both in terms of time and money, to commit in order to establish and maintain a company-training ethos.

Furthermore, there is the simple issue of getting all employees together at the same time. With clubs open from dawn until late at night, the seemingly simple task of congregating a full team of staff to undertake even just a couple of hours training is almost impossible. This is where Promote Training’s bespoke service comes in.

We can create individual courses, or a series of courses, tailored to your clubs needs and deliver them via eLearning. Each employee can undertake the course either in the workplace or at home, within a set timescale you can set.

– Our courses can include self-assessment quizzes to validate the employees learning

– We can integrate work-based learning experiences and sharing of ideas through our ‘Discussions Forum’ feature

– You can receive proof and confirmation that they’ve completed, and understood, all aspects of the training

– The content is engaging and personalised to your club – we can even include video!

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