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National Golf Month – Top Tip 2

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National Golf Month – Top Tip 2

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Less than a month to go until the UK go golf-crazy during National Golf Month.

It’s a nationally advertised opportunity for your club to gain new business. To help you make the most of it we’re running a series of tips and advice in the lead-up to May.



Loads of new faces are visiting your club and enjoying the facilities and hospitality you have to offer. They are at their most engaged and enthusiastic to continue enjoying the golfing lifestyle.

INCENTIVISE THEM to visit the club again.

Encouraging repeat custom is the most cost-effective way to increase your club’s revenues. It doesn’t need expensive advertising and it’s targeted at the very people most likely to spend money at your club i.e. those who already have.

Think about what mechanisms you can implement in time for May that will dangle the carrot in front of your National Golf Month visitors. Here are our favourite two:


They’re simple, they’re easy to understand and they’re versatile across multiple departments.

Collect the stamps and receive…

your 5th round free.
your 6th bucket of balls free.
your 4th coffee free.

There are so many opportunities.

Remember to add an expiry date though. The expiry date is a strong call-to-action that pro-actively encourages repeat custom


A simple business card sized piece of collateral incentivizing their return within a short window. It may be three days, five days or a week – whatever you feel is appropriate.

Come back within 5 days and…

Play for just £XX
Receive a 25% discount
Enjoy a complimentary bucket of balls

Again, the opportunities are endless.

Don’t loose the momentum – keep your National Golf Month visitors engaged in your club.

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